Take a moment to marvel at the wonders of nature in this book that explores symbiotic relationships between organisms. In the natural world, it benefits to have a friend. Teamwork, or an unexpected partner, could make all the difference to survival- whether it's warding off predators, removing parasites or aiding reproduction. This beautifully illustrated title explores organisms that have learnt to adapt and co-exist in the wild. From the monarch butterfly that only exists on one type of plant, to the majestic bobtail squid that acquires its illuminating glow from bacteria that live on its skin, take a closer look at some of nature's most fascinating symbiotic relationships.

ISBN: 9781787414242
Author: McInerney, Joanna
Illustrator: Taylor, Georgina
Publication date: 13/04/2021
Format: Hardback
Pages: 64
Dimension: 300mm X 235mm