Donna Ashworth is the wordsmith behind the social media phenomenon LADIES PASS IT ON, and her community of more than 680,000 followers across two platforms is growing by 10,000 every month. LOVE is a collection of poems which show us that love is always present in our lives, even in the most unexpected places.

A guidebook for navigating the many complicated connections we humans have, these poems give wisdom and advice to maintain and grow the love we hold for friends, partners, family and ourselves, inspiring us to cherish the joy it brings.

Donna's poems have gone viral, travelled round the world and been viewed millions of times. Using her own experiences to nurture others, her work is celebrated by a huge online following and is the inspiration for both video content and many songs. Her poems are frequently read by celebrities and she has been featured in both Grazia and Glamour magazine as one of the most celebrated female poets. In this new collection, you will encounter all types of love: familiar, blossoming, passionate and patient. Yet above all else, these poems remind us that love is abundant.