Does one desire the Yule-tide spirit, sir?' 'Certainly one does. I am all for it.' Aunts, engagements, misunderstandings and hangover cures; this delightful collection from 'the greatest chronicler of a certain kind of Englishness' (Julian Fellowes) brings together a baker's dozen of P. G. Wodehouse's finest short stories. "A comic master". (David Walliams). "A cavalcade of perfect joy". (Caitlin Moran).
The author of almost a hundred books and the creator of Jeeves, Blandings Castle, Psmith, Ukridge, Uncle Fred and Mr Mulliner, P.G. Wodehouse was born in 1881 and educated at Dulwich College.

ISBN: 9781784750787
Author: Wodehouse, P.G.
Publication date: 17/10/2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Dimension: 197mm X 128mm