The imperfect and unfinished story of the battles for women's rights, and of the complicated women who fought them Well-behaved women don't make history- difficult women do. 'This is the antidote to saccharine you-go-girl fluff. Effortlessly erudite and funny' Caroline Criado-Perez 'Compulsive, rigorous, unforgettable, hilarious and devastating' Hadley Freeman ** Shortlisted in the 2020 Parliamentary Book Awards ** Strikers in saris. Bomb-throwing suffragettes. The pioneer of the refuge movement who became a men's rights activist. Forget feel-good heroines- meet the feminist trailblazers who have been airbrushed from history for being 'difficult' - and discover how they made a difference. Here are their stories in all their shocking, funny and unvarnished glory. 'All the history you need to understand why you're so furious, angry and still hopeful about being a woman now. A book that is part intellectual weapon in your handbag, part cocktail with a friend' Caitlin Moran.

ISBN: 9781784709730
Author: Lewis, Helen
Publication date: 16/03/2021
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Dimension: 1mm X 1mm