If you could be a pirate and have an adventure, what would it be like? Would you take a reliable robot pal along for the ride, or be accompanied by a crew of mice? Would you encounter an enormous, hungry shark, or would your ship get destroyed in a colossal storm? How would the story end - with you saving the day and finding a chest filled with precious jewels, or with you being swallowed by a giant whale? In You're the Hero: Pirate Adventure, children are the creators of their own stories. As they make their way through the book, readers make choices to decide how their adventure will evolve. From selecting what kind of hero they want to be and where they want to visit, to choosing a dangerous (yet exciting) disaster to face and deciding on how their story will end, the reader is in control of the action from start to finish. Each spread is packed full of vibrant, fun illustrations that the reader will use as a prompt to make their stories from. The book promises hundreds of choices to mix-and-match, meaning that the child can create an almost unlimited amount of narratives, time and time again!

ISBN: 9781782409403
Author: Murphy, Stef
Publication date: 31/03/2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Dimension: 275mm X 250mm