Vivacious, charming, irreverent, the flapper is a girl who knows how to have a roaring good time. In this collection of short stories, she's a partygoer, a socialite, a student, a shopgirl, and an acrobat. She bobs her hair, shortens her skirt, searches for a husband and scandalises her mother. She's a glittering object of delight, and a woman embracing a newfound independence. Bringing together stories from widely adored writers and newly discovered gems, principally sourced from the magazines of the period, this collection is a celebration of the outrageous charm of an iconic figure of the Jazz Age. Featuring works from F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, Dana Ames, Rudolph Fisher, John Watts, Dorothy Parker, Katherine Bush, Gertrude Schalk, Dawn Powell, Vina Delmar, Guy Gilpatric, Anita Loos and Zora Neale Hurston.

Paperback / softback  240pp  h165mm  x  w120mm 

ISBN13: 9781782279303