You might recognise:'It was a bright day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.'But what about:'Time, like an ever-rolling stream'Or even:'I am soft sift / In an hour-glass-at the wall / Fast, but mined with a motion, a drift, / And it crowds and it combs to the fall.' Thinkyou can you match each to their author? What about their poem or book? Welcome to Nemo's Almanac, the ultimate quiz for bibliophiles. With elegant and tantalising quotes arranged around themes from fashion to fire, winter to sunshine, each chapter will test your knowledge and literary instinct - and if that tip-of-your-tongue feeling doesn't materialise into words, you can check the back of the book for answers that will send you on fresh journeys of literary discovery.Wonderful, maddening, enlightening, Nemo's Almanac has been the well-guarded secret of the literary world for over a century, beloved by authors and booksellers alike. Now collected in book form, you can experience its fiendishly addictive qualities. Put your good socks on and ready your cup of tea or stuff the book in your pocket for a trip to the library, or quiz the whole family after dinner.

ISBN: 9781781259504
Author: Patterson, Ian
Publication date: 22/11/2017
Format: Hardback
Pages: 208
Dimension: 178mm X 111mm