'Whenever women are honest about their struggles, they give other women a gift. Mia delivers.' Elizabeth Gilbert This book is for every woman who's been told success is as simple as Lean In, Say Yes, Live Your Best Life, Beat Your Fear, Follow Your Dream ... and then feel #soblessed. It's for guilty friends, bad mums, crap wives, imperfect feminists, rebellious daughters and any girl with a big mouth and at least one foot in it. It's for any woman who's ever asked: 'Am I the only one who isn't quite coping?' Here is Mia Freedman's low road to the top - a fearless, hilarious, inspiring and surprising collection of modern misadventures to read, relate to and rejoice in, then share with all the women in your life.

Paperback / softback  B-format paperback  344pp  h197mm  x  w131mm  x s27mm  264g  B-format paperback 

ISBN13: 9781761267819