One bloody night. One lone survivor. One chance of redemption. France, 1919. One year after the guns fell silent across the Western Front, Lieutenant Wilfred Rhodes receives his final classified mission before he can return to Australia. He must end the command of Captain Charles Kingsley, the unhinged radical leader of the Graves Recovery Unit. Still haunted by the loss of his platoon in the Battle of Passchendaele, Rhodes infiltrates Kingsley's unit and works with the war-weary men to exhume the Australian dead. As the peaceful French countryside begins to heal Rhodes, he realises those behind his assignment are hiding something from him about that fateful night in Passchendaele. Rhodes faces a crossroads as he feels the pressure from his superiors, and the allure of Kingsley's promise of a new utopian life for him and the soldiers. Tensions mount, old wounds are reopened and the threat of further blood spilled on French soil looms in the air ... Night in Passchendaele is a cautionary tale, exploring our incessant search for belonging and the extraordinary lengths we will pursue to realise it.