An explosive boss, a controlling boyfriend, a gaslighting colleague, an interfering mother-in-law, a friend who talks only about herself - we all know them, but how do we deal with them? Difficult people take over our lives. They live rent-free in our heads. We steel ourselves before we meet them. We can't relax when we are with them. We ruminate on their behaviour after they've gone. They harvest our empathy and operate without regard for our feelings.

In Difficult People, Dr Rebecca Ray shows us how to recognise (and understand) difficult people and provides us with practical strategies for self-preservation. From learning when to say no, limiting contact and managing our reactions, to knowing when to walk away for good. With her expertise, insight and guidance, we learn to understand how and when another person's behaviour puts our psychological safety at risk and what steps we can take to restore our boundaries. Compassionate, honest and authoritative, this is your complete guide to getting your life back from the grip of a difficult relationship, and learning how to avoid them in the future

ISBN:  9781761261664
Author:  Dr Rebecca Ray
Publication date: 30/05/2023
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Dimension: 232mm X 155mmm