After their dramatic escape from Vardean prison, Cayder and his friends leap into the unknown, tumbling headlong out of Telene and into the strange and mysterious world beyond the veil.

Leta - who grew up believing a world of dark fairytales existed on the other side of the veil - finds that the truth is more magical, and terrifying, than she could ever have imagined. And it's the worst possible place to discover your boyfriend has been mortally wounded.

Meanwhile, Cayder and Elenora learn that both this world and their own are teetering on the brink of destruction. Still reeling from Elenora's betrayal, Cayder must overcome his feelings and work with her to prevent an apocalypse. They have to make it home, and to do so they will need the help of their old enemy, Dr Bueter - as well as old friends they thought were lost forever.

This page-turning sequel to League of Liars takes us beneath the surface of the familiar world of Telene, and into the shadowy realm that is the source of both its magic and its nightmares.

Paperback / softback  400pp  h208mm  x  w138mm  340g  Demy 

ISBN13: 9781761068898