Step one is identifying your limitations. It's not easy because you've been lying to yourself and others about what you're capable of for a long, long time. Most of us have begun to believe the lies ...

Lawrence Mooney is a reformed self-help addict. He's read all those books so you don't have to. He's searched for the ever-moving cheese, lived with the power of now and has given subtlety a red-hot go. Now he's taking aim at these self-appointed, self-aggrandising self-help gurus who have failed him in his quest for enlightenment and happiness.

Embracing Your Limitations shows you how it's only through stopping and quitting that you can succeed and be happy. We've been told to reach for the stars, to think big and to follow our dreams since we were children. What a crock! Most of you don't have the talent, intelligence or the wherewithal to come close to your dreams, so stop torturing yourself. The finish line is the same for everybody: death. So, why waste life rushing towards it? Instead, start Embracing Your Limitations, forgetting your dreams, and actually living your life.