If your child is between the ages of nine and twelve, you are in the throes of the 'between' years. Not quite a child and not yet a teenager, tweens embody a very specific stage of development that once understood will revolutionise the way you parent, educate and support those in your care. In Tweens, award-winning parenting educator Michelle Mitchell explains that this is the most rapid period of development since toddlerhood. Right now, before the full pressures of high school hit, you have a window of opportunity that can change the trajectory of adolescence and beyond. Using the results from her recent survey of more than 2000 parents and tweens, along with interviews with experts, Michelle compassionately guides parents through their children's friendship issues, mood swings, confidence crises, technology habits, sibling rivalry, body image concerns and seemingly inexplicable behaviour. She provides invaluable practical advice and groundbreaking research from leading organisations to reassure parents that tweens are ready to be switched on to their potential, and every trusted adult in their lives can be a part of that process.

 'A book full of wisdom, compassion and guidance that I believe will help families, schools and communities everywhere take better care of our tweens.' Maggie Dent, bestselling parenting author and host of the ABC podcast Parental as Anything