Malli is unable to speak outside her own home. The highlight of her life is a weekly phone call with her younger brother, Surya, who is studying in Australia. When Surya misses their call for the first time, Malli's quiet life is thrown into disarray. Seeking answers online, Malli is grateful when a user on a missing persons forum, Nayan, offers his assistance. As days pass without news, Malli decides she must travel to Australia to find out what has happened to Surya. The unconventional and outspoken Nayan accompanies her. In Sydney, student life is more precarious than Surya had imagined. At the restaurant where he lives and works, Surya endures squalid living conditions and abysmal pay, in pursuit of the elusive work visa that will allow him to stay in the country. But then a racist customer sets off a chain of events that will see Surya commit a reckless act of love, risking everything for which he has worked so hard. Set between Bangalore and Sydney, The Days Toppled Over is a powerful exploration of mental health, family and the lives of international students in Australia. With a rich sense of place, a memorable cast of characters, and a good dose of humour, it illuminates how we all need friends and contact with other humans - and how these simple things can result in transformation.

Paperback / softback  352pp  h232mm  x  w152mm  x s25mm  452g 

ISBN13: 9781761049545