A celebration of achievements that's perfect for the babies in your life. This fantastic, colourful, read-aloud book has been designed to captivate babies and celebrate their every move. Research shows that the more senses you engage while reading to bubs positively impacts the development of their language and comprehension skills. That's why Say Hooray can be read, sung or acted out. The simple, high-contrast illustrations feature many recognisable words, like mum, dad, banana, teddy bear, dog and pyjamas. Plus, there are lots of chances for babies to participate - with sounds like zoom and woof, and actions like waving, kissing and peek-a-boo. Both mums themselves, author Renae and illustrator Rebecca wanted a book they KNEW babies would love. Say Hooray is just that book.

Board book  Picture book  24pp  h191mm  x  w190mm  x s17mm  384g 

ISBN13: 9781760994150