This treasure trove collection of stories from transgender authors unites characters who wield courage and creativity in exhilarating escapades, all in search of a place to call home. Get ready to set sail with a crew of rebels and misfits in this thrilling anthology of pirate tales. From CD burners to space pirates with an otherworldly crew, these stories blur the lines between criminal and separatist, playful and heartfelt and showcase a range of unique characters and found families. Featuring seven long-form pieces of writing, including a graphic novella and a verse novella, this collection has been edited by and features trans and non-binary writers, ensuring a fresh and diverse perspective on the pirate genre. Come aboard and discover a world of queer pirates, grey morals and homebrewed ale. The anthology includes pieces by Michael Earp, Alison Evans, Madison Godfrey, Maddison Stoff, Alexander Te Pohe, Mia Nie and Vika Mana.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  304pp  h207mm  x  w143mm  x s21mm  332g 

ISBN13: 9781760993993