In a strange mansion miles from anywhere, an orphan named Almanac and a twelfth daughter named Etta find themselves working - and bickering - side by side in the largely deserted rooms. But soon they realise that the house and its inhabitants are not quite what they seem, and there's more at stake than just their jobs. Can they solve the puzzle of Her Perilous Mansion before it's too late? 'Her Perilous Mansion is pure delight! A funny, clever and joyous fantasy for children that zings with action, adventure, mystery and magic, the pages flying past as if by wizardry. Guaranteed to keep young readers hooked to the very last word.' - Kate Forsyth, author of the Impossible Quest series 'Her Perilous Mansion is a magical story, and the magic just gets stronger and stronger the more you read. The characters are lovely, and their quirks are both funny and sad, especially when the reason is revealed at the end. Williams makes you laugh and pulls at your heart at the same time.' - T. C. Shelley, author of The Monster Who Wasn't

ISBN: 9781760877361
Author: Williams, Sean
Publication date: 28/04/2020
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Dimension: 198mm X 128mm