"Ballet Confidential is not a no-holds-barred expose but rather a joyfully led and personal guide into the world of ballet."--Megan O'Brien, Books+Publishing

Beyond the formidable combination of tulle and lycra, how much can an audience ever truly understand about the demands of being a ballet dancer? What really is the pain and pleasure of pointe shoes and jockstraps? Can a wardrobe malfunction derail a scene? What happens when injury sidelines a principal dancer mid-show?

Here is your tell-all guide, an all-access pass for ballet lovers and the ballet-curious by internationally acclaimed dancer and former artistic director of The Australian Ballet, David McAllister.

From toe acting, to the perils of partnering and onstage/offstage romances, David answers in intimate detail everything you have ever wanted to know about ballet but were too afraid to ask.

Paperback / softback  256pp  h232mm  x  w153mm  x s23mm  328g 

ISBN13: 9781760763251