A visionary book for our wild times.

It's getting late. We have to get moving.

A scorched eucalyptus leaf twirls out of a clear sky, a premonition that begins a journey into a world on the edge.

In Full Circle, Scott Ludlam draws on his unique experience as senator and activist. Travelling the world, he discovers an emerging post-capitalist economics, and investigates everything from systems theory to community activism. Above all, he looks for what works- the falling grain of sand that sets off the avalanche of environmental and democratic change.

This is a book about hidden connections and fresh possibilities, and what happens when we
invite natural systems back into the urban world. Bringing together a wealth of new ideas,
Full Circle outlines a new ecological politics. It is a visionary book for our wild times.

ISBN: 9781760640835
Author: Ludlam, Scott
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368