Stevie Louise is an entrepreneur (that's like a business person), an entertainer (obviously), and an extrovert on the inside (wait, is this a thing?).

Stevie and the Brooke Street crew are hard-up for cash. Going viral doesn't last forever, you know, and killer costumes are expensive. To keep their showbiz dream alive, the kids are competing in a local talent quest. But the competition is stiff (I mean, have you ever heard four goats sing acapella?), and Alex has a unicorn horn glued to his forehead for at least the next three weeks.

It's tough working under these conditions, but Stevie is up for any challenge to save Lunchbox Productions...

A gloriously warm, funny and relatable story from bestselling author, much-loved comedian, writer, radio announcer and social media sensation Tanya Hennessy.