The Underdog Detective Agency has a proud tradition of sniffing out trouble (and sniffing each other's butts).
Detective Barkley (a dog) and Detective Fang (a cat) are cleaning up the mean streets of Dogtown one crime at a time!

In The Underdogs Hit a Grand Slam, Barkley and Fang take centre court to find out who's stealing all the tennis balls in the lead-up to the Dogtown Tennis Grand Slam. Could it be Boris Barker, the famed international tennis pro? Or what about Steffi Gruff? Or Novak Dogavic? Fang and Barkley jump on the case like a dog with a ball, but can they save the day and serve up the criminal mastermind in time? Or will it be game, set, match?

Join Detectives Barkley and Fang in the third instalment of this hilarious, action-packed and highly-illustrated series.