Linh searches for blueberries on her rooftop in this jubilant exploration of gardening and healthy eating, from the Where in the Garden series? Linh is having a picnic on her rooftop garden for all of her friends, and her snacks won't be set without her blueberries. She's searched and searched, but she has many plants on her rooftop, and Linh needs our help to identify them. What do we know about blueberries? They're small, blue, and grow on bushes-and, just a second, is that a blueberry? No, that's a gooseberry. Where, oh, where could those blueberries be? Can you help Linh find them in time for her picnic? The fourth title in JaNay Brown-Wood and Samara Hardy's Where in the Garden series stars Linh, an Asian child who explores her garden with her single parent. Playful text guides young readers to hunt for visual clues and compare and contrast the unique characteristics of blueberries against gooseberries, tomatoes, bananas, and other produce that grows on Linh's rooftop garden. Artist Samara Hardy brings this multi-layered story to life with vivid, cheerful illustrations created from layers of hand painted ink and watercolor texture. Back matter includes a scrumptious blueberry and banana pancakes recipe for little chefs to try.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  32pp  h236mm  x  w260mm  x s3mm  159g 

ISBN13: 9781682636275