Fun and Easy Hands-On Projects for At-Home Science Turn your home into your laboratory as you explore and experiment through dozens of science projects with Andrea Scalzo Yi, bestselling author and the creative mastermind behind Raising Dragons. With just a few common household items you'll learn creative problem-solving skills, nurture your curiosity and experiment just like a real scientist. Jam-packed with 100 exciting experiments, you'll never run out of projects to amaze and astound. Create colorful reactions with a Lemon Volcano, investigate surface tension using Magic Milk and explore centripetal force with your own Tornado in a Bottle. You can even unlock your inner artist with beautiful Sun Print artwork; all you need is the sun and some paper-no paint required! Each engaging experiment includes a simple explanation of the science behind it, as well as variations on the project, so you and your family can make the most of each activity. Get out your lab coats and strap on your safety goggles-it's time to tinker and test with Super Simple Science Experiments for Curious Kids.