Keep your mind sharp all year long with Mathematics 2021: Your Daily Epsilon of Math, a wall calendar featuring 12 images relating to maths concepts! Too often, maths is sidelined as a daunting part of academia that we rarely use outside of school; but doing daily mathematics can help keep your brain working in ways that verbal exercises cant. Let mathematicians Rebecca Rapoport and Dean Chung stimulate the left side of your brain by providing you with an equation for every day of the year. The solution for each equation is the date; but the challenge lies in figuring how to arrive at the answer, and possibly discovering more than one method of arriving there. This years calendar features a completely new set of maths challenges to put your problem-solving skills to the test. With entry-level algebra, word problems, and maths puns thrown into the mix, this calendar allows you not only to do maths, but also to see the many ways in which maths can be applied to your everyday life. End the year with more brains than you had when it began with Mathematics 2021: Your Daily Epsilon of Math.

ISBN: 9781631066986
Author: Chung, Dean
Format: Gift Item
Pages: 24
Dimension: 305mm X 305mm