Are you a fan of William Blake? Born 1757-- Died 1827, was an English poet and artist and one of the most important members of the Romantic movement. If you're looking for a new book in which to record your thoughts, lists, and more, you're in luck! Canterbury Classics, known for publishing fine works of literature, has released their next set of writing journals for your personal literary pleasure! The imaginative poems of William Blake create the lines throughout this notebook in tiny print, so you can pen your words right next to those of one of the greatest poets of all time. With heat-burnished Svepa cover in purple featuring a clever quote (No bird soars too high...with his own wings), illustrated endpapers, foil stamping, bright green colored edges, and an elastic band to hold it all together, you'll want to collect the whole Novel Journal series.

ISBN: 9781626869998
Author: Blake, William
Publication date: 11/04/2017
Format: Print Art
Dimension: 216mm X 134mm