With Andrea Scalzo Yi's activities, teaching children the basic tenants of science, technology, engineering art and math is easier-and more fun-than ever.

Using just a few everyday objects, children can engage in educational activities so fun that they won't even know they're learning! Each experiment or activity teaches kids about one or more STEAM principle, and many even incorporate principles from different categories for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Kids will love designing and constructing mini catapults and making rain clouds using shaving cream and food coloring. Even young toddlers can get in on the fun with activities that teach them about magnetism, static electricity and more. A variety of project ideas-including seasonal activities like candy corn stacking challenges and marshmallow igloos-ensure that kids won't have any problem finding an activity that will allow them to have fun while learning essential STEAM principles.

ISBN: 9781624148927
Author: Yi, Andrea Scalzo
Publication date: 10/12/2019
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Dimension: 226mm X 203mm