The international battle against Internet pirates has been heating up. Increasingly law enforcement is paying attention to book piracy as ebook publishing gains an ever-larger market share. With this threat to their health and even survival, publishers and authors must act much like the music, film, and software giants that have waged war against pirates for the past two decades. Now, Internet Book Piracy opens a discussion on what happens to the victims of piracy. Drawing from a large number of interviews-from writers, self-publishers, mainstream publishers, researchers, students, admitted pirates, free speech advocates, attorneys, and local and international law enforcement officials-the text speaks to such issues as: * Why pirates have acted and how they feel about it * The conflict over constitutional rights and piracy * The current laws surrounding Internet piracy * Examples of cases taken against some pirates * Alternatives to piracy * Personal experiences of being ripped off * The ways piracy affects different industries and how they've responded Author Gini Graham Scott prepares readers to arm themselves against these modern perils by learning about copyright, infringement, and how to prevent, combat, and end book piracy.

ISBN: 9781621534853
Author: Scott,Gini Graham
Publication date: 01/04/2016
Format: Paperback