The handmade books presented here are meant to spark outings and offer creative ways for you to explore your personal style and interests:

Make treasure hunts even more special with a personalized Treasure Hunt Collection Bag and Notebook.

Take notes at the beach with a Waterproof Book made with Tyvek pages.

Make a canvas-covered Camping Songbook to take with you to the campsite.

In this collection of twenty Japanese bookbinding projects, traditional techniques meet contemporary style, from easy-to-fold accordion books to the intricate Japanese stab-stitch bindings.

Book artist Erin Zamrzla makes bookbinding easy and unintimidating. Her clear step-by-step instructions make even the more complicated stitches easy to re-create. Information on the basics of bookbinding—including terminology, tools, and techniques—is included, and many projects encourage the creative use of ordinary and recycled materials.

ISBN: 9781611800081
Author: Zamrzla, Erin
Publication date: 01/10/2013
Format: Hardback
Pages: 208
Dimension: 236mm X 198mm