Roddy Doyle's complete Two Pints series - collected in paperback for the first time, and now with the Two Pints play script Two men meet for a pint in a Dublin pub... In 2012, Roddy Doyle showed us the world anew- through the back-and-forth of two Dublin pub-dwellers. They chewed the fat, set the world to rights, slagged each other unmercifully. And along the way, they chased the ebb and flow and stupidity of the year right to the bottom of their pints. Today, they're still at it - even over Zoom, if needs be. Collected for the first time, here is almost a decade's worth of elections and referendums, births and deaths, football, financial crashes, pandemics and the philosophical questions of life, as told through the wit and warmth of Roddy Doyle's comic genius. Includes- Two Pints, Two More Pints, Two for the Road - and, for the first time in print, Two Pints- The Play and The Zoom Pints

ISBN: 9781529111279
Author: Doyle, Roddy
Publication date: 04/05/2021
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224