Description: An amazing true animal story about a brave little penguin. Hoppy the emperor penguin loves swimming in the sea with his friends. But one day Hoppy swims too far, and loses his way . . . ending up on a strange beach, all alone and far from home. How will poor Hoppy get back to his family? Inspired by the incredible true story of a lost little penguin, and the vets who saved his life, this heart-warming tale is perfect for young animal lovers. From John Hay, and bestselling illustrator Garry Parsons. Includes a non-fiction spread with information about the real animal and the events behind the story.

Paperback / softback  32pp  h260mm  x  w261mm  x s5mm  199g 

ISBN13: 9781529070484     ISBN13: 978-1-5290-7048-4     ISBN10: 1529070481     EAN: 9781529070484