Meet two very special friends in this heartwarming and beautifully illustrated tale. Watch as a boy and a dog who don't quite fit in learn that a friendship, like a garden, takes time to grow - but that both are always worth the wait. The Gardening Dog is never chosen to go home with anyone who visits the rescue centre where she lives. Instead she spends her time quietly growing beautiful plants. Then one day she meets a boy called Lewis, who much prefers drawing to running around with all the other children. Working together, Lewis and The Gardening Dog create a wonderful community garden for everyone to share - and as new shoots grow outside, they build a deep friendship that leads to a new start for them both.

ISBN:  9781529041293
Author:  Wume, Cindy
Publication date: 1/06/2023
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
Dimension: 279mm X 232mmm