Coloring books became a thing when adults discovered how relaxing and meditative they were. Jigsaw puzzles roared back into popularity as an immersive activity, not to mention a great alternative to television. How exciting is it, then, to introduce an activity that tops them both: reverse coloring, which not only confers the mindful benefits of coloring and puzzling but energizes you to feel truly creative, even when you're weary and just want to zone out.

It's so simple, yet so profoundly satisfying. Each page in The Reverse Coloring Book has the colors, and you draw the lines. Created by the artist Kendra Norton, these beautiful and whimsical watercolors provide a gentle visual guide so open-ended that the possibilities are limitless. Trace the shapes, draw in figures, doodle, shade, cover an area with dots. Be realistic, with a plan, or simply let your imagination drift, as if looking a clouds in the sky. Each page is an invitation to slow down, let go, and thoughtfully (or thoughtlessly) let your pen find its way over the image.