Take your gardening to the next level...with flowers! After learning how to manage their houseplants and grow their own food, this highly stylized, fully illustrated, modern guidebook teaches reluctant green thumbs to brighten up their gardens with flowers.

Did you know that begonias can be dug up in the fall, stored indoors in the winter, and be ready to be planted and bloom again in the spring? That daylilies need to be divided every three to four years to produce more blooms? Or that marigolds can be both a beautiful and helpful addition to a vegetable garden as a natural deterrent to common garden pests?

Whether you're a first-time gardener or an experienced green thumb looking to learn more about flowers, this book is your must-have guide! How to Grow Flowers in Small Spaces features 40 beautiful flowers (from smaller pincushion flowers to towering lilacs) that can all be grown in containers or small spaces. Along with detailed care instructions and beautiful illustrations of each plant, you'll also find everything you need to know for your floral garden to flourish, including:
-How to establish a garden bed (no matter the size!)
-How to determine which flowers are best grown from seeds or from transplants
-How to water your flowers for optimal growth (whether they're in the ground or in a container)
-How to turn those blooms into a beautiful home-grown bouquet
-And much more!

No more trips to the florist-with How to Grow Flowers in Small Spaces, your home and garden will be bursting with color to keep you healthier and happier than ever. From peonies and marigolds to snapdragons and foxgloves, grab your gloves and get to gardening!

Hardback  Paper over boards  144pp  h232mm  x  w178mm  x s15mm  551g  4-color with illustrations 

ISBN13: 9781507220481