Mara takes on the world with her flashy purple hearing aids and sassy, hot pink earmolds.

Mara's first day at her new school is filled with ups and downs surrounding her hearing aids: her teacher doesn't remember to turn on her microphone, the lunchroom is too chaotic for lip-reading, and she keeps reading the same question over and over on her classmates' lips: "What's in her ears?" After a morning spent navigating these challenges, Mara makes a connection on the playground and finds that her hearing aid superpowers are perfect for making new friends.

Accessible and engaging, Mara Hears in Style will encourage readers to respect hearing differences and inspire kids who worry about making new friends. The book is filled with American Sign Language depictions--including a full alphabet spread--so readers can sign alongside Mara as they discover new ways to bridge communication gaps in their own communities.

Illustrated by Lucy Rogers

Hardback  Picture book  CPSIA choking or other US hazard warning - No choking hazard warning necessary, CPSIA choking or other US hazard warning - No California Proposition 65 hazard warning necessary   32pp  h260mm  x  w222mm  318g  Illustrations, color 

ISBN13: 9781506488745