Water is scarce in the Lake Eyre Basin in the heart of Australia. The region goes through natural cycles of boom and bust, and the flooding of the basin rivers is accompanied by spectacular responses from wildlife and vegetation. However, the Lake Eyre Basin faces the threat of large-scale diversion of water from the rivers and wetlands for use in irrigation and mining. Around the world, such water resource developments have caused widespread degradation of rivers and loss of habitats. Lake Eyre Basin Rivers outlines the environmental, social and economic values of the rivers from a diverse range of perspectives, including science, tourism, economy, engineering, policy, Traditional Owners and pastoralists. It describes the current state of the environment, the past and ongoing threats to the river systems, drawing on stories from the Murray-Darling Basin, and provides direction for ensuring that the rivers remain free-flowing to service the environment and future generations. This book is a valuable reference for environment and government agencies, industries and policy-makers concerned with the region and will be of interest to the communities of the Lake Eyre Basin.

ISBN: 9781486300785
Author: Kingsford, Richard
Publication date: 01/12/2017
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Dimension: 245mm X 170mm