Book lovers can answer questions by themselves or host a quiz among friends with twenty-four quizzes to keep you guessing with a variety of question styles including:

- 'Blankety Books', where you must fill in the missing word in each title

- Anagrams to decipher

- 'Two of a Kind', where you must identify a character and author who share the same initials

- Guess the book with 'Say What You See' pictures and badly drawn covers

- 'Book Bingo'

The quizzes are carefully weighted so avid bookworms will get a workout, while more casual readers can still have lots of fun having a go. All questions are designed to aid guessing, with multiple-choice answers and hints, and make the reader smile with amusing wrong answers, clever red herrings, little-known facts and footnotes.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  304pp  h200mm  x  w134mm  x s26mm  340g  Approx 5-10 pages of integrated b/w line drawings, to be drawn and delivered by the author. 

ISBN13: 9781472148285