In this petite, exquisite book, globetrotting artist Shirin Sahba sweeps readers away on a journey around the world. Taking classical Persian miniatures as her inspiration, Sahba has painted scenes and motifs from all over the world in a fresh and modern style that features bold horizon lines, vibrant colours, and incredibly intricate patterns. Each piece of art evokes a place and tells a story, capturing fleeting moments and small treasures-a brightly coloured sari fluttering in the breeze, a mother and child enjoying gelati on a hot Italian day, the mesmerising pattern of an antique Chinese carpet. Sahba invites readers into her world by sharing inspirations and personal stories from each place she has visited. Packaged in a gifty square format with foil detailing on the cover, and printed with special inks to reproduce the astonishing hues of the original artwork, this book is a colourful celebration of beauty, diversity, and the joy of the journey itself.

ISBN: 9781452160450
Author: Sahba, Shirin
Publication date: 08/05/2018
Format: Hardback
Pages: 120
Dimension: 203mm X 203mm