Explore the incredible world of anime and manga with this comprehensive, accessible handbook for kids.
Celebrate your okatu spirit with this inclusive, illustrated guide to anime and manga. Whether you're watching anime on Netflix and Crunchyroll or bringing home stacks of manga from the library, A Kid's Guide to Anime & Manga is THE guide to help you navigate this exciting, growing world.
Written by fans, writers and reviewers Samuel Sattin and Patrick Macias, A Kid's Guide to Anime & Manga includes chapters on:
The history and importance of anime and manga
How anime and manga are made
Recommendations of popular series and films to enjoy
Pro-tips on how to create your own anime and manga and how to get involved in cosplay communities
Complete with a history of anime and manga, inspiring interviews, pro tips on what to watch and read and ideas for kickstarting your own creativity, A Kid's Guide to Anime & Manga will tell you everything you need to know - and more!


Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  160pp  h228mm  x  w190mm  x s14mm  478g 

ISBN13: 9781444975291