Lady Danbury is hosting a sparkling soiree to begin the year's social season, and you're invited to piece together all the splendour, suitors and scandal. All the ton's most notable names are in attendance: spot the Bridgerton family, the Duke and Duchess, the Sharmas, the Featheringtons and more as you complete this beautifully detailed jigsaw puzzle inspired by Shondaland's hit series Bridgerton on Netflix.
1000-PIECE PUZZLE: Piece together the world of Bridgerton in this official jigsaw puzzle published in collaboration with Shondaland and Netflix. The perfect challenge for fans of the show - or anyone who loves a good jigsaw
CAST OF CHARACTERS from the first two series: relive the highlights of the show as you build the puzzle
INCLUDES A PULL-OUT POSTER featuring a scandal sheet from Lady Whistledown
BESTSELLING SERIES: The World of... jigsaw puzzles from Laurence King are a fun way of celebrating pop cultural moments, historic movements and the lives and works of creative greats


Jigsaw  h270mm  x  w269mm  x s51mm  800g  One large-format illustration  Jigsaw Puzzle 

ISBN13: 9781399615945