'Romano, I want to open a bookshop where I live.'


'Great. How many people are we talking about?'




'Right, so if 180,000 people live there, then...'


'No, not 180,000, Romano. 180.'


'Alba... Have you lost your mind?'


Conversation between Alba Donati and Romano Montroni, former CEO of Italy's largest bookselling chain


Alba used to live a hectic life, working as a book publicist in Florence - a life that made her happy but also left her feeling like a woman constantly on the run.

So one day she decides go back to the small village in the Tuscan hills where she was born and open a tiny bookshop.

Alba's enterprise seems doomed from day one, but it surprisingly sparks the enthusiasm of many across Tuscany - and beyond. And after surviving a fire and the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the 'Bookshop on the Hill' soon becomes a refuge and beacon for an ever-growing community of readers.