The Writer's Hustle is a comprehensive guide to all the things successful writers do when they're not sitting at the keyboard. Drawing on wisdom from dozens of experienced authors, professors, students, and other writing professionals, this book offers pragmatic and systematic advice on the everyday professional practices that make up a writer's life. In ten chapters, Franklin covers the full arc of a writer's professional development, from setting goals and establishing a routine, to mastering writing groups and workshops, earning a mentor, and becoming a literary citizen. He explores strategies for attending conferences, finishing projects, submitting work, and maintaining a life-long writing habit, and he examines the potential benefits of a formal creative writing education, including a close look at how creative writing students can leverage their liberal arts training into a wide range of careers. Informative and personal, The Writer's Hustle is an ideal companion for university students, recent graduates, and independent enthusiasts-anyone looking to cultivate the creativity, discipline, humility, and grit that every writer needs to flourish.

Paperback / softback  176pp  h234mm  x  w156mm  Paperback 

ISBN13: 9781350160750