Wombat liked her things just so. Everything had its place, and nothing was out of order. She couldn't say the same about her neighbors. But that was their business, and Wombat didn't concern herself with others' business. When a very hot, dry summer causes dangerous fires in their neighborhood, a group of animals are desperate to find water and shelter. It will take the quiet heroism of a neighbor to provide resources and a cozy, cool, and safe burrow-a reluctant wombat who demonstrates the inspiring power of community. Wombat, the Reluctant Hero is inspired by the heroic and very real actions of the wombat, an animal that has helped other creatures survive droughts and wildfires in its native Australia. Author Christian Trimmer and illustrator Rachel Gyan celebrate this amazing mammal, who definitely has a thing or two to teach us about being a good neighbor.

ISBN:   9781250788573
Author:  Christian Trimmer
Publication date:  10/04/2023
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  40
Dimension: 286mm X 239mm