From John Patrick Green, the creator of the side-splitting InvestiGators series, comes Agents of S.U.I.T.: From Badger to Worse - the second in a full colour, laugh-out-loud graphic novel series perfect for fans of Bunny vs Monkey! Bongo and Marsha, the super-spy Badgers, are on the case . . . and way over-budget! When S.U.I.T.* realizes just how much money the Badgers waste with their gadgets, spy vehicles and custom toys, they're sent to Bora Bora to investigate a case . . . the old-fashioned way. The bees - that's 'bee-ee-ee' like the insect - who run the resort are hiding something under the tropical sands, and Marsha and Bongo are just the bumbling agents to crack this pineapple-flavored case wide open. It's time for the B-Team to show why they're so un-B lievably B-loved! Created by John Patrick Green with cowriter Christopher Hastings and artist Pat Lewis, join the Bongo and Marsha in this hilarious adventure! *Special Undercover Investigation Teams

Paperback / softback  (Text (eye-readable))  208pp  h210mm  x  w141mm  x s13mm  374g 

ISBN13: 9781035015481