The dark comedy and whip-smart voice of You elevates the twisty suspense of Lisa Jewell's None of This is True in this read-until-four-am mystery thriller. Am I a murderer? You tell me . . . You probably already know about me. Lucy Chase, the woman who doesn't remember murdering her best friend. You probably think I did it, too. That's OK, I get it. Being found wandering the streets covered in her blood wasn't a great look. Believe me, I'm as frustrated as you are. I'd love to know if I'm a murderer - it's the sort of thing you really should know about yourself, isn't it? And now, thanks to true-crime podcast Listen for the Lie, I finally have the chance to find out. But will I be able to live with myself if it turns out it was me? And if it wasn't, will digging into the secrets of the night I forgot make me the next target of whoever did? Perfect for fans of None of This is True by Lisa Jewell and Murder in the Family by Cara Hunter.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  (Text (eye-readable))  352pp  h232mm  x  w152mm  x s32mm  420g  Trade paperback (UK) 

ISBN13: 9780857505712