The Gardener's Guide to Succulents is a stunning visual reference identifying over 125 plants from 40 different genera of succulents and cacti. Fleshy, spiny, hairy, flowering-and coming in every imaginable shape, color and size-this plant family has captured the affection of plant enthusiasts all over the world. This book provides a beautiful overview of the diversity that succulents have to offer, presenting a wide variety of popular plants to help you create striking, aesthetically pleasing compositions. This succulent guide includes information about: What each variety needs and where it thrives. Plant characteristics, with ratings on ease of growth and maintenance requirements. Ideas for group plantings and illustrated tips on indoor planting. Striking identification photos, rich in color and contrast. This succulent encyclopedia is a useful resource for everyone-from cacti beginners looking to decorate their living space to serious gardeners hoping to expand their succulent plantings.

ISBN: 9780804851060
Author: Matsuyama, Misa
Publication date: 01/02/2020
Format: Hardback
Dimension: 254mm X 191mm