Master paper artist Marc Kirschenbaum celebrates humanity with his whimsical new collection of customizable paper people. Everything you need is in this box! First, follow the step-by-step instructions to create a basic human form-either "simple" or "deluxe." Then, customize your person using the colourful papers that are included to create any of the 12 unique characters. Finally, add stickers to accessorize and give him or her their own unique personality. You can even attach a photo of your own face-or those of friends, family, or favorite celebs-to create amusing personalized origami art! The step-by-step instructions in the full-color book are incredibly easy to follow and allow you to create a dozen different characters with unlimited variations! All of the models can be either male or female. Free video instructions are available online. These models are great fun to fold with your friends and they make wonderful gifts for family and co-workers. You can even name them and create caricatures of famous people or people you know!

ISBN: 9780804851008
Author: Kirchenbaum, Marc
Illustrator: Boxed kit with 64-page book, 64 sheets of colorful
Publication date: 01/11/2018
Dimension: 216mm X 216mm