Say goodbye to overwhelm and take back control of your physical and mental health with Dr. Linnea Passalers 5-step approach for healing your dysregulated nervous system. Stress is endemic to daily life-now more than ever before. While we may be consciously aware of the events that are causing us stress and anxiety, trying to outthink or talk our way out of our stress simply wont work. New research in neurobiology has uncovered the reason: stress gets stored in the nervous system, which has evolved to respond to threat. Prolonged stress dysregulates the nervous system, keeping us wired for burnout, anxiety, trauma, and chronic symptoms, long after the stressful event has passed. Trauma is not in your head; its in your body. Traditional medicine and therapy often fails to solve the problem, because it simply cant. However, it is possible to thrive and regain control, even with a sensitive nervous system. Heal Your Nervous Systemputs you back in the drivers seat of your physiology. Grounded in neurobiology, Dr. Passaler, creator of @HealYourNervousSystem, teaches you a 5-step approach for retraining your nervous system out of these automatic patterns and dysregulation. Step 1: Awareness - Slow down your response to triggers. Step 2: Regulation - Create acceptance and safety. Step 3: Restoration - Heal emotional wounds, release trauma, and build a healthy attachment style. Step 4: Connection - Strengthen your ability to create safety and regulation. Step 5: Expansion - With a fully regulated nervous system, share your gifts with the world and support others. These techniques and strategies have been used successfully by thousands of members of the @Healyournervoussystem community to create a thriving and regulated mind and body. Now it is your turn to heal.

Hardback  288pp  h230mm  x  w170mm  907g  color photos 

ISBN13: 9780760385654