When Harley s baby homing pigeon Lofty is taken away to join the army and help deliver messages during World War II, Harley is devastated to lose his favourite squeaker . Lofty is re-named Number 371 and flies hundreds of miles of long-distance missions behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, Harley contracts polio and is confined to his bed. One day a medal arrives in the post. It is Lofty s medal the Dickin medal for gallantry, a bravery award for animals. Lofty was entrusted with an urgent message requesting reinforcements and saved an entire platoon of soldiers, but was badly wounded in the process. Harley and his father arrange for Lofty to be discharged and sent home for a life as a breeding bird for racing pigeons. Harley s recovery is hastened by the prospect of having his beloved pigeon returned. Finally, the pair are reunited. A year later, Harley, fully recovered from his bout of polio, watches on as junior Lofty, Nifty, flies in from a race to the loft where Lofty is in residence.Ages: 5+Price: $28.99 HB

ISBN: 9780734409812
Publication date: 28/02/2008
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32
Dimension: 283mm X 217mm