"I love the way the reader gets lost in the trees and then lost in Inga's life and then lost in the trees again. Understory feels so rich and nourishing, as if the restorative power of the Australian bush is transmitted through her words." - Richard Glover, bestselling author and radio presenter A memoir about staying in one place, told through trees. "The understorey is where I live, alongside these plants and creatures. I tend the forest, stand at the foot of trees and look up, gather what has fallen." This is the story of a tree-change, of escaping suburban Brisbane for a cottage on ten acres in search of a quiet life. Of establishing a writers retreat shortly before the Global Financial Crisis hit, and of losing just about everything when it did. It is also the story of what the author found there: the beauty of nature and her own path as a writer. Understory is a memoir about staying in one place, told through trees, by the award-winning author of Mr Wigg and Where the Trees Were.

ISBN: 9780733635960
Author: Simpson, Inga
Publication date: 30/05/2017
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Dimension: 233mm X 155mm