Lost and afraid in the darkening bush, Dot is befriended by a kind Kangaroo. She eats the berries of understanding and is then able to communicate with all the bush creatures, who eventually guide her home.

The intriguing tale of Dot and the Kangaroo is told by Ethel Pedley with the charm that has made this book an Australian favourite since it was first published in 1899.

'Dot and the Kangaroo is without doubt one of the most charming books that could be put in the hands of a child. It is admirably illustrated by Frank P. Mahony, who seems to have entered thoroughly into the spirit of this beautiful journey into the world of Australia. The story is altogether Australian.' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Now, as then, children will be enthralled by this oldest of Australian classics, and it will endure to entertain generations to come.

ISBN: 9780732298999
Author: Pedley, Ethel
Publication date: 01/02/2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Dimension: 199mm X 130mm